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[10:02:56|PM] <+bonzi_b> alrtie alrtie alrite
[10:03:02|PM] <+bonzi_b> it's ur boy bonz aka t he alpha do6
[10:03:09|PM] <+bonzi_b> im here with red and anon7
[10:03:15|PM] <+bonzi_b> jungle city new jersey
[10:03:26|PM] <+bonzi_b> okay okay okay okay
[10:03:33|PM] <+bonzi_b> top do6 bonz
[10:03:36|PM] <+bonzi_b> bitch, i'm on
[10:03:42|PM] <+bonzi_b> and i don't say nothin but
[10:03:44|PM] <+bonzi_b> bitch, come on
[10:03:50|PM] <+bonzi_b> and all she ever say is
[10:03:51|PM] <+bonzi_b> si papi :>
[10:03:56|PM] <+bonzi_b> and get a wrist band for the VIP
[10:04:04|PM] <+bonzi_b> she always tryna hang for the free rose`
[10:04:10|PM] <+bonzi_b> dont u worry bout it momma
[10:04:13|PM] <+bonzi_b> it's gonna be ok :>
[10:04:19|PM] <+bonzi_b> we can party all nite til the sun come up
[10:04:21|PM] <+bonzi_b> fuck that
[10:04:23|PM] <+bonzi_b> u'll be leavin when i nut
[10:04:27|PM] <+bonzi_b> i'm done :>
[10:04:32|PM] <+bonzi_b> i done did em all
[10:04:35|PM] <+bonzi_b> bad to the average
[10:04:37|PM] <+bonzi_b> red ones, yellow ones
[10:04:41|PM] <+bonzi_b> slags to the catfish
[10:04:45|PM] <+bonzi_b> haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[10:04:49|PM] <+bonzi_b> and u know i'm fried
[10:04:53|PM] <+bonzi_b> if i winked at a bitch, well
[10:04:57|PM] <+bonzi_b> then u kno i lied :(
[10:05:02|PM] <+bonzi_b> my chain and my ring and my watch obnoxious
[10:05:07|PM] <+bonzi_b> stay on that x man
[10:05:13|PM] <+bonzi_b> i'm colossus :>
[10:05:21|PM] <+bonzi_b> and dont u know u walkin out with a top do6
[10:05:24|PM] <+bonzi_b> b4 they bring the car
[10:05:31|PM] <+bonzi_b> she'll be takin her top off :)