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The n0v4 Lobby, which is the channel #lobby on n0v4 IRC (irc.n0v4.com) is the main channel for non-topic specific chat. It is the most active channel on n0v4 (at the time of this writing). Please feel welcome to join it at your leisure.


Please read the following rules. They apply to the #lobby channel, and are instated in order to maintain a quality chatting environment.

Lobby Rules

  • Please preface all links that are Not Safe for Work with the tag "NSFW". If something is borderline, please err on the side of caution and label it as "NSFW". You will receive a warning for your first offense, and a 10 minute ban for your second. Please do not abuse the NSFW system by labeling safe for work items as unsafe.
  • Do not spam. Please try to keep sentences in one line, and do not spam ASCII, unicode, or anything else. There is a zero-tolerance on spam, and you will be kicked for the first offense.
  • Please be courteous of other users, and don't dominate the channel. If we feel that other chatters are unable to contribute to the topic at hand, or it is completely dominating the channel, we may ask you to take it elsewhere.
  • Respect the ops of the channel. If an op asks you to cease discussion about a topic, or move it to another channel, do so.
  • Please be respectful of other chatters. Do not blatantly insult, or abuse the other users.
  • It is a crime to be an idiot.
  • The ToS also apply to the #lobby.


You may notice that some users in #lobby automatically get voice in this channel when they join. You too can obtain this by registering your nick.

Network Operators

n0v4 IRC network operators can be found in #lobby. These do NOT include Bacon (which is a Services Bot) or StatServ. n0v4 IRC network operators have a ~ or & in front of their nicknames.

Additional Information

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