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Please read the following rules. They apply to the n0v4 Minecraft Server, and have been instated in order to maintain a quality crafting environment. Minecraft Rules

  • NO GRIEFING -- this includes, but is not limited to: destroying other players' work, killing unarmed NPCs, Killing NPCs without provocation, Invading someone's home, stealing (unless engaged in pvp battle in which stealing is agreed upon by both players), and needlessly destroying scenery or landscaping.
  • Replant Trees, especially near spawn. You enjoyed having trees to cut down, other players will too. Please remember to replant trees that you deforest so that others may have the opportunity to gather wood.
  • Be courteous of other players. If a player surrenders during a PVP battle, respect that player and move on. Items are not dropped on death, so do not attempt to kill players in order to steal their items.
  • Respect the Admins. We've worked hard to ensure a fun, and exciting server. If we ask you to stop an activity, you must do so or face a ban.
  • Do not beg for items from Admins. You are given a rudimentary set of tools on your first join. Use them wisely. On rare occasion, an admin may /give something if they feel the player deserves it.
  • It is a crime to be an idiot. Purposely acting stupid or ignorant will result in a temporary, or even permanent ban.
  • Creative Mode may be given to certain players on a temporary basis in order to create large builds that will benefit all players. THIS IS NOT A CREATIVE SERVER. CREATIVE WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOR LARGE UNNECESSARY BUILDS.
  • After being on creative, we reserve the right to inspect your inventory for stolen goods.
  • The n0v4 ToS apply to the Minecraft server

Server Recommendations

  • Setup a vault. Our server uses the Gringotts item-based currency plugin. In order to setup a vault, place a chest with valuable items (iron ingot, gold nuggets, gold ingot, diamond gem, diamond block, lapis lazuli, emerald) and above it a sign. On the first line of the sign write [vault] ; if you've done it properly, your username will appear on the bottom. Once you have a vault you can do business with NPCs as well as other players.
  • Pick a nickname. This is an RP Server. It's recommended that you have an actual name. Once you have picked on, tell Anon7 (bin_bash) and she'll set it for you.
  • Checkout coordinates to find neat places to check out.

Server Information


mc.n0v4.com -- 1.6.2 (DEPRECATED)
mc.root--servers.org -- 1.7.5 

Server Specs

  • CPU: 2.5 GHz Intel Xeon L5420
  • RAM: 24GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited 100MB/s Pipe
  • Disk Space: 300GB

Bukkit Plugins

  • Block Bank
  • Chest Lock
  • Citizens 2 (Alchemist, Blacksmith, Denizen, Dtltrader, Sentry)
  • CraftIRC
  • Essentials
  • Gods
  • Gringotts Item-Based Currency
  • Group Manager
  • Just Warp (for warp portals ONLY. No personal warps)
  • Mine Backup
  • Monster Fix
  • Nick Namer
  • No Floating Trees
  • Pet Names
  • Shelfit (Allows bookshelves to be used as chests)
  • Simple Back (Allows you to go back to your death point)
  • Vault
   Wolf Colors (Allows wolves to spawn with different collar colors)