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The Linksys Network Everywhere NR041 is a nice little Ethernet wired only router from the late 1990's and early 2000's. The main website for Linksys Network Everywhere has been discontinued, including support page. This page represents the majority of the important information still available on the internet for the NR041 in the hopes that it may be useful to any of the current users of the device. This is a great little 10/100 Fast Ethernet router with uplink support through a physical button on LAN Port 1. This page provides legacy information for anyone still using it.


The NR041 is available on EBay as well as Amazon, and other fine retailers.


Documentation Website Pages

  • Cascading (Connecting) an NR041 Router to a Linksys Router [2]
  • Setting-Up an NR041 Router with DSL Internet [3]
  • Enabling Remote Management on an NR041 Router [4]
  • Setting-Up an NR041 Router with Cable Internet [5]
  • Resetting the NR041 Router to Factory Default [6]
  • Setting-Up an NR041 Router with a Static IP Account [7]
  • Setting-Up a Playstation®2 on an NR041 Router [8]
  • Encountering Problems when Connecting to Online Servers Using an NR041 Router [9]
  • Setting-Up an XBox on an NR041 Router [10]
  • Checking the NR041 Router’s LEDs [11]
  • Connecting Devices on the NR041 [12]
  • Blinking Power or Diag LED on an NR041 Router [13]
  • Setting-Up Servers Behind an NR041 Router [14]
  • Encountering Problems when Connecting to Secured Websites on an NR041 Router [15]
  • Encountering Problems in Accessing Some Websites Using the NR041 Router [16]
  • Encountering Difficulties when Sending and/or Receiving Emails Using an NR041 Router [17]
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  • Changing the NR041 Router's LAN IP Address [20]
  • Encountering Intermittent Wired Connections Using an NR041 Router [21]
  • Connecting a Wired Computer to go Online using the NR041 [22]
  • Encountering Problems when Connecting to the VPN Using a NR041 [23]
  • Nesting a Linksys Router to Another Router [24]

Configure As A Switch

Change internal IP address to one on Router/Gateway's main subnet but not within the DHCP range of the DHCP server on the Router/Gateway (not the NR041). Example: Disable DHCP on NR041. Use uplink port for this and ignore the internet/WAN port.

Additional Resources

Port Forwarding: [25]


  • DHCP
  • Port Forward
  • MAC Address Clone


  • Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
  • Protocol: CSMA/CD
  • Ports: 4x10/100 RJ-45 LAN, 1x10/100 RJ-45 Internet
  • Speed 10/100 (Half-Duplex), 20/200 (Full-Duplex)
  • Internet/WAN 10/100
  • Cabling Type: UTP Category 5 or newer.
  • LED Indicators: Power, LAN: Link/Act 100, Internet: Internet, Diag
  • Dimensions 7.0x1.5x5.5 inches (176x38x140mm)
  • Weight 13.6 oz (0.38 kg)
  • Power 12V DC, 600mA
  • Certifications: FCC Class B, CE, VCCI
  • Operating Temperature 0C to 40C (32F to 104F)
  • Storage Temp -20C to 70C (-4F to 158F)
  • Operating Humidity 10-85%, Non-condensing
  • Storage Humidity 5-90%, Non-condensing


  • Wired Ethernet only.
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • 4 Ethernet Ports
  • DSL/ADSL Uplink Port
  • LED Indicators: Power, 10+ Mbps mode activity, 100Mbps mode activity.
  • Power Supply: External
  • Case material: Metal
  • Color: Blue
  • It is NOT a modem.
  • It is NOT a gigabit router.

Power Supply

  • 5 Volt
  • 2 Amp
  • DC

The AC-DC adapter that came with it is a Class 2 Transformer.

  • Model: MW48-0502000
  • Input: 120V AC 60 Hz 18.6W
  • Output: 5V DC 2A
  • + axial center, - surrounding.


This is the original support page for the Linksys Network Everywhere NR041. (discontinued) Linksys provides legacy support pages through their support search available here. [26]


Provided by Linksys Network Everywhere Instructions

Firmware Installation Download:

Download the most recent firmware here: Originally available here: (Dead Link) [27]

Release Notes

 Network Everywhere
 Network Everywhere Cable/DSL 4-Port Router

 Product Release Date : September 6, 2002
 Current Firmware : Version 1.2 Release 03
 Firmware Date    : May 5, 2003
 Product PartNo   : NR041

 Release Notes

 WARNING: You may only use these files to upgrade the firmware for the NR041 only! 

 Upgrading any other manufacturers router with this firmware may damage your hardware.  

 You can verify that you have the correct product by doing the following:

 Look on the top of your router.  You will see "Model NR041".

 Version Information

 Firmware Date	: May 5, 2003
 Current Firmware: Version 1.2 Release 03
 Product Part No.: NR041

 Ver #.		Date		Description
 1.0 Release 10	July 17, 2002	Official Release
 1.2 Release 01  December 20, 2002 Release to support Xbox Live
 1.2 Release 03  May 5, 2003 Release fixes DHCP Lease bug for Internet Port


A security vulnerability has been reported in the NR041 firmware. [28] that permits arbitrary code execution. The page is reproduced here for archival purposes.

Menu Information

Basic Setup


  • Hostname (Required by some ISPs)
  • Domain Name (Required by some ISPs)
  • Firmware Version
  • Lan IP Address
  • DNS (Obtain Automatically, Use up to 3xIPv4 DNS providers.
  • WAN connection type (by ISP) (Obtain Automatically, Static (fixed) IP Address, PPPoE)


  • Router Password, must be less than 64 characters, and cannot contain any spaces.
  • UPnP Services (Enable/Disable)
  • Restore Factory Defaults (Y/N)


  • Hostname
  • Firmware Version
  • Login
  • LAN (MAC Addr, IP Addr, Subnet Mask, DHCP Server)
  • WAN (MAC Addr, IP Addr, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS)
  • DHCP Release
  • DHCP Renew
  • DHCP Clients Table
  • Help


  • DHCP Server (Enable/Disable)
  • Starting IP Address
  • Number of DHCP Users (Default = 50)
  • DHCP Clients Table


  • View Incoming Access Log
  • View Outgoing Access Log


  • Help Pages
  • Upgrade Firmware

Advanced Setup


  • Filters prevent internet access based on IP/Port/MAC Address.
  • Filtered Private IP Range (0 to 255)
  • Filtered Private Port Range
  • Private MAC Filter
  • Block WAN Request (Enable/Disable)
  • IPSec Pass Through (Enable/Disable)
  • PPTP Pass Through (Enable/Disable)
  • L2TP Pass Through (Enable/Disable)
  • Remote Management (Enable/Disable/Port No.)
  • Use Default MTU (Enable/Disable/Size)(Default value: PPPoE 1492, Static/Dynamic 1500)


  • Support for preset applications: FTP, Telnet, SMTP, DNS, TFTP, Finger, HTTP, POP3, NNTP, and SNMP based on LAN IP address.
  • 5 Customized Applications allow for custom ports
  • View Port Range Forwarding
  • Port Triggering preconfigured for Dialpad, Paltalk, Quicktime, and Starcraft.

Dynamic Routing

  • Working Mode (Gateway/Router)
  • Dynamic Routing (TX: Disabled, RIP1, RIP1-Compatible, RIP2; RX: Disabled, RIP1, RIP2)
  • Show Routing Table

Static Routing

  • Delete static route entry.
  • Configure Static Route (Destination LAN IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Hop Count (max 15), Interface (LAN/WAN)

DMZ Host

  • Allows for 1 DMZ Host IP address on LAN.

MAC Address

  • User Defined WAN MAC Address


  • Version 1
  • Version 2
  • Version 3 (Requires username/password)
  • Identification (SysContact/SysLocation)
  • Management Stations (4) (IP/Community/Access(Not Accessible/Read Only/Read&Write))
  • Trap Recievers (4) (Enable/IP Address/Community/Severity(1,2,3))


  • DDNS Service (Enable/Disable) (TZO Only)
  • TZO Password Key
  • Email Address
  • Domain Name
  • Your IP address
  • DDNS Status